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Mercedes-Benz CL Class


Mercedes-Benz CL Class

The Mercedes-Benz CL is one of the most expensive Mercedes you can buy. The CL Coupe is a large car capable of comfortably carrying four adults. The car provides more than enough power and extreme levels of comfort. The car’s price puts it up against some tough competition with elite competitors like Bentley and Aston Martin. My first experience of driving a Mercedes was the second hand Mercedes-Benz SE Class, and I can confirm that the Mercedes have come a long, long way.

The CL is great for long distance trips. The car’s comfort is nearly unmatchable. The seats are luxurious and have a special feature that engages when cornering too quickly. The seat’s bolsters inflate to keep passengers from sliding out of the seats.

The seats also cool in the summer to keep passengers comfortable. The rear seats provide exceptional levels of comfort. Legroom is adequate and CL delivers many features geared toward enhancing comfort levels.

The CL500 comes with a 5.5-litre V8 with 388bhp and goes from 0-62mph in 5.4 seconds. The CL600 has a bi-turbo 5.5-litre V12, with 517bhp. The car can reach 60mph in 4.6 seconds. It has a five-speed auto in place of the CL500′s seven-speed. Both engines make excellent choices. The CL600 is capable of reaching approximately 200mph with the car’s speed control safety feature removed.


The CL is an extremely expensive car to purchase. Running costs will be high as well as insurance and fuel costs. The car does deliver loads of comfort, space and performance, not to mention the Mercedes-Benz badge. The CL is definitely for buyers on a budget.

The car delivers excellent levels of cabin and passenger space. The boot is large and can hold a good deal of shopping or luggage. The CL provides good all-round space.

The car’s instrumentation is absolutely beautiful. The fascia’s flawless appearance matches the rest of the cabin perfectly well. The controls are of high quality and feel good to the touch.

The cabin is extremely comfortable. The car’s seats are supportive and luxurious while the car does a good job of minimizing road imperfections and controlling outside noise. The car is very comfortable even on longer drives.

The car’s doors provide large apertures and make access a breeze. Passengers are able to slide easily into the car’s seats. The boot is large and accommodating, but provides a high load lip and a small aperture. This may pose some accessibility problems.

Parking the Mercedes-Benz CL is easy. The car has been designed for all-round easy and comfortable driving, including parking. The car comes complete with parking sensors and a reversing camera.

Life Style

The CL Class provides an excellent driving experience. The car provides an abundance of power coupled with great handling and a super braking system. The car tops out at 155mph with safety features engaged, and when the car’s speed control is disabled the car can reach up to 200mph. The car has an abundance of power, yet manages to deliver a truly refined ride.

The CL was probably not designed with families in mind. It is expensive but for small families who can afford it the CL could easily carry out family duties while providing adequate room and plenty of practicality.

This is not a first car. The CL Class is way too expensive for most first time buyers and does not hold many of the qualities that are appealing to newly licensed drivers.

Mercedes-Benz has an excellent image. They are seen as producers of quality, high-class, and top of the line vehicles. The CL Class won’t let fans down. The car delivers everything it says it does and more.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include valet lock-out, tracking device, remote keyless entry, a security alarm, an engine immoboliser and an anti lift sensor. The car comes with a comprehensive security package and will likely be necessary given the car’s level of desirability.

The CL’s safety features include Active Body Control, cornering light function, adaptive brakes, front and side airbags, bi-xenon headlamps, electronic stability programme, headlamp assist and an electronic parking brake.

The Finishing Touches

The car comes standard with a DVD player, telephone operation, DVD-based sat-nav, distance-sensitive cruise control and a multifunction steering wheel. The car’s basic audio system provides good sound quality and is an excellent all-round unit.

The car also features front and rear air dam, side skirts, metallic paint if desired, and stainless steel exhaust pipes. The car has an impressive level of standard equipment.


The CL Class is one of the most expensive Mercedes-Benz ever, but buyers will not be left wondering what they are paying for. The car is super luxurious and delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. The car’s exterior design is very appealing and the car boasts an impressive performance level as well.